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VPX Power Supply

NetPower VPX power supply products are designed for industrial and high reliability application. These VPX power supplies are compliant with VITA 62, MIL-STD-704(B-F), MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810G.  The products have six standard outputs including three main outputs and three auxiliary outputs. The optional I2C communication supports both PMBus and IPMI interfaces for monitoring the electrical parameters as well as the temperatures at the card edges and in the middle of the chassis.

The NetPower VPX power supply also support active current sharing for main outputs and parallel operation for auxiliary outputs.


Product Features

90.0% typical efficiency (Vin=28V, full load)

18-36V continuous input voltage

Input EMI filter

Input reverse polarity protection

-40℃ to 85 operating temperature (at card edge)

Input over voltage, output over voltage, output over-current/short circuit, and over-temperature protections

Current sharing on three main outputs

Standard VITA 62 controls

Optional I2C (IPMI/ PMBus/ VITA 46.11)


Part   Number Input Output Size Support


18-36V 6 outputs, up to 500W 3U

VPX Communication Guide 3U


18-36V 5 outputs, up to 1000W 6U

VPX Communication Guide 6U



NO. of Outputs:
Input Voltage:
Output Voltage:
Output Current:
Model Vin Vout Iout Package Efficiency

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