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9-60V to 0-60V


Non-isolated Buck/Boost DC-DC Converter
Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range: 9-60VDC

Efficiency (typical input & full load): 97%

Output Regulation (line and load): 0.2%,0.2%

Output Ripple Voltage: 20 mV

Output Ripple Frequency: 250 kHz

Isolation Voltage:

Operating Temperature: -20°C~+100°C,-40°C~+100°C

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NetPower is a technology leader of open-frame and encapsulated high efficiency and high-density DC-DC and AC-DC power converters. NetPower’s board-mount isolated DC to DC and AC to DC power modules are available from sub 1W to over 1000W in the standard micro-power modules, 1/32nd bricks, 1/16th bricks, 1/8th bricks, quarter bricks, half bricks, and full bricks. The input voltage range of the DC-DC converters includes 9-36V, 9-75V, 18-36V, 18-75V, 36-75V, 16-160V, 34-160V, 66-160V, 180-400V, 300-500V, and 400-650V. NetPower’s non-isolated POL (Point of Load) converters deliver from a few amperes to over 200A in DOSA standard footprints. NetPower’s e-Mobility converters exhibit industry-leading performance and can be customized to fit. In addition to the standard DC/DC converters and EV on-board dc-to-dc converters, NetPower also designs and manufactures semi-custom dc-dc, full custom dc-dc and ac-dc power supply products that inherit the merits of high performance and high reliability.

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