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NetPower Adds a Synchronization Option to POL DC-DC Converters

Publish Date:2007-04-17

Richardson, Texas, - April 17, 2007 - In response to customer requests, NetPower Technologies has added a switching frequency synchronization option to some of its non-isolated POL dc-dc converters.  Synchronizing the switching frequency of a POL to an outside clock allows system designers to optimize system performance, and avoid frequency-related noise issues in sensitive electronic systems.  The first products with the synchronization option from NetPower are its NAT Series of SIP POLs.

 The synchronization feature allows all POLs in a system to operate at the same switching frequency, thus eliminating the beat frequency phenomenon.  And, if the clocks are phase-shifted, multiple converters can operate in an interleaved mode to further reduce the magnitude of the switching frequency noise.  Also, this feature enables designers to avoid critical frequencies, which may interfere with the system抯 operation, or modulate the switching frequency to better manage the EMC of the system.  This synchronization feature can improve a system抯 performance and robustness, while reducing system cost by simplifying the filtering design.

Frequency synchronization is especially useful in medical, instrumentation, communication, and other applications where noise is a significant concern.

NetPower provides an application note titled The Synchronization of Power Converters, which is available on the company抯 website at: www.netpowercorp.com.

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