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Low Power Sixteenth Brick DC-DC Converters

Publish Date:2007-12-27

Richardson, Texas, - December 27, 2007 - In response to market demand for lower power sixteenth bricks, NetPower Technologies has added two new low-current families to their high efficiency sixteenth brick SRS Series.

The 25A series of sixteenth bricks output power in the 25W to 60W range, effectively competing against other suppliers?high power sixteenth brick offerings. The 15A series target applications requiring power from 15W to 45W. Many customers are using 15A sixteenth bricks to replace traditional 1攛2?converters, thereby gaining more power at higher efficiency in a smaller space.

These two sixteenth brick series share the same features as the 35A series announced by NetPower in February. NetPower has achieved high efficiencies for all models - with output voltages ranging from 0.8V to 15V. The 3.3Vo sixteenth bricks for example, provide 91% efficiency at both 18A output (25A series) and 10A output (15A series).

Samples are available immediately.

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