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Press Release

Wide Input Non-isolated Sixteenth Brick DC-DC Converter

NetPower announces the release of wide input NXS5 non-isolated 1/16th brick converter. The NXS5 converter has an input range of 9-53V and adjustable output of 3.3-15V; with the efficiency up to 97%, this point-of-load (POL) converter is able to deliver a maximum power of 312W at 26A.

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NetPower at the Novi EV Expo 2018

NetPower is going to participate in the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2018, which will take place at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan from September 11 to 13.

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180-400V High Input Half Brick DC-DC Converters

NetPower announces the release of high input half brick HYUEA DC-DC converters. These encapsulated half bricks have a wide input range of 180-400V and output voltages of 5V, 12V, 28V, 48V and 56V, delivering power up to 336W. The new half bricks have excellent thermal performance and high efficiencies up to 93.5% at full load.

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NetPower at electronica China 2018

NetPower presented an updated product offering on March 14 -16, 2018 in the electronica China show in Shanghai, China. This time, NetPower put forward a much more comprehensive product lineup.

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Addition of 120A NHT1 POL DC-DC Converter

NetPower just released the 120A NHT1 POL converter. The NHT1 converter features high current output, which is a significant feature of NetPower non-isolated DC-DC converters. The 120A converter has the input range of 8V-14V and the output range of 0.5-1.6V.

2017-11-30 READ MORE
Railway DC-DC Converters

NetPower introduces quarter brick QYR6A, half brick HYR7A, and full brick FYR7A series of DC-DC converters designed for railway applications.

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High Power Quarter and Eighth Bricks DC-DC Converters

NetPower announces the release of high power quarter and eighth bricks DC-DC converters - QBE4 and EBE4.

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Brand New Offering of Low Power Solutions

NetPower announces the addition of low power series DC-DC and AC-DC power converters.

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Encapsulated 9-75V Wide Input 1/16 Brick DC-DC Converters

NetPower releases SYRS5 series of 1/16 brick DC-DC converters.

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Encapsulated 9-36V Input 250W Half Bricks DC-DC Converters

NetPower just released the 9-36V wide input half bricks DC-DC converters of HYPS1 series at 5V and 12V outputs with an output up to 250W. The new offering provide further supplement to the Hi-Rel product portfolios.

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