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NetPower Introduces 3.3V/60A eighth brick converter
NetPower Introduces 200W Boost Converter
NetPower Introduces 100A Quarter Brick Converters
NetPower Introduces NES 30A/85W
NetPower Technologies Expands Its China Operations
36-75Vin 100A Quarter Brick QPS Series
Output up to 100A/204W in standard 1/4 brick package. Models with 50A or higher output have an option for dual output pins. Suitable for applications requiring very high current within tight space.
36-75Vin 35A Sixteenth Brick SRS Series
Output up to 35A or 90W in a low profile standard 1/16 brick package and footprint. High efficiency and excellent thermal performance. Suitable for any limited board space, high current and/or low output voltage applications.